open_transparent1The Outdoor TV Enclosure from The TV Shield,

Letting you enjoy TV like never before. With the ultimate indoor and outdoor tv protection, The TV Shield is built to protect your television from all the elements and hazards of today. The unit protects against water, rain, sun, dust, flying debris, flying objects, bugs, oxidation, humidity, heat, cold, scratching, breaking and theft. This provides the perfect cozy environment to allow your tv to stay securely without harm.

Discover the Possibilities: Now you can watch tv outdoors, place a tv at your bar or restaurant, protect your tv from indoor hazards. Or just have the peace of mind that no water, scratch or object will ever destroy your television.

Entertainment just moved outdoors: Now you can move the entertainment outdoors. Gaming, television, apps, 3d, browsing, sports games, sport events, mma fights, facebook, movies, cooking shows, home improvement tv and more. Imagine the endless ideas you can come up with. Your new outdoor entertainment area will be the new star of the neighborhood!

Affordable: Compared to the competition you wont find a more complete and affordable solution for an outdoor tv enclosure.

Product Features:

  • Made to universally fit any television from lcd, led and plasma.
  • Weather Seal for protection from water, rain, sun, dust, bugs, oxidation, humidity, heat and cold.
  • Two Secure Locks to allow locking to prevent theft and tampering.
  • Clear front view nearly bullet proof panel which allows you to view your tv with the unit open or closed.
  • Heavy duty outdoor plastic case that is built to withstand long term sun and outdoor environments.
  • Two marine vents that allow venting of the unit and TV, but protection from rain.
  • Optional climate control for cooling and heating available.
  • Lightweight plastic design for ease of use and install.



outdoor tv enclosure for 19 inch to 30 inch tvOutdoor TV Enclosure for 19 Inch to 30 Inch Televisions - $399 FREE Shipping

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50_60_outdoor_tv_enclosureOutdoor TV Enclosure for 46 Inch to 60 Inch Televisions – $899 FREE Shipping


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