The best solution for protecting your Television. Always wanted to watch tv outdoors? Protect your TV from everything indoors? The best solution is an outdoor tv enclosure. Affordable, durable and protects from rain, water, cracks or scratching. Your personal guardian. This case is built to last.

How it works: The Outdoor TV Enclosure has a sealing and locking system which provides a tight seal against any water. With thorough testing and tons of feedback. We have blasted this enclosure with water in ways that no storm can compare and nothing got through. The main reason for making this unit was to allow you to use it outside and unless you live in the dessert your going to need water protection for your television.

Discovering the possibilities: Wonder what you can do with this protective cover? Easy you can not only prevent impact, breaking, scratching, rain or damage. You can use it anywhere. In a garage, back porch, by the pool, bar, restaurant, public areas, outdoor signage, indoor play rooms, gyms,pool halls and more. This is a serious case / cover that protects like no other at a cost that no one can touch.

Designed with style: The black plastic finish and clear front cover allow your TV to shine through, with HD clear plastic front cover. You will get every ounce of detail your television can offer.

Check out our Video Below to see just what this unit can handle.